Family Medical Preventative Services

Comprehensive and Compassionate Preventative Healthcare in New York, NY

Treatment of the symptoms of chronic and degenerative disease is not a solution. Dr. Ostrager is board certified in family medicine with over 20 years of experience and will get to the root of your problem and find out the underlying etiology. As an osteopathic physician, board certified in family medicine she has the added expertise of doctor of osteopathy which uniquely qualifies her to diagnose as well as treatment of the underlying causes of your symptoms.

Colorectal Cancer stages, symptoms, prevention, and treatment.

Physicals, Wellness Exams, and Specialty Procedures

Comprehensive and complete physical exam is done at Midtown East Family Medicine for people of all walks of life. Including screening tests for early detection of major medical diagnoses testing is done right in our medical office. To identify reasons for symptoms and prevent potential serious medical sequele.

Sports Physicals. We offer sports physicals for high school, college and professional athletes who want to be sure the stresses of their particular game will not overwhelm them.

Insurance Physicals. There are some types of insurances that need a physical to determine if you're insurable. We offer insurance physicals to determine your health for life and health insurance policies.

Preoperative Exams. You can count on Midtown East Family Medicine for thorough preoperative exams that determine your readiness for high-risk surgeries and procedures. These are usually performed before you are recommended to a specialist for a procedure. Dr. Ostrager will help you prepare and be in your best shape when you need a life-changing procedure.

Neurological Tests: For patients experiencing symptoms such as , numbness, tingling sensation, neck, back and joint pain, headaches, inability to control bodily movements, balance issues, all patients with diabetes, thyroid disease and neuromuscular disorders, such as Parkinsons Disease, Alzheimers Disease, stroke and much more should be tested for radiculopathy, neuropathy, carpal tunnel syndrome and many other disorders.

Pulmonary Tests and Treatment: Patients with breathing issues related to asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, COPD/ Emphysema, sarcoidosis and much more.

Sexual Health

Education and prevention is key to stop the spread of sexually transmitted and infectious disease. Get your STD check today. We offer lyme disease screenings and all STD and infectious disease testing and treatment.


Pain Management

Pain is debilitating and can affect your quality of life, making you depressed and not wanting to leave the house and interact with others. Take control of your Neck, Back or other pain and visit Midtown East Family Medicine where we will evaluate and manage your pain treatment.

Respiratory Health

Healthy lungs are of prime importance, as it is the air that we breathe, A cough can escalate into a bronchial inflammation very quickly. Over the counter medications can exacerbate what seems to be minor colds. Get your arsenal to get through cold and flu season with a visit to Midtown East Family Medicine.

Below is an illustration of the symptoms for asthma.

Cardiovascular Health

Midtown East Family Medicine promotes heart health through recommending healthy diet, stress and weight management. We perform cardiac screenings, EKG, Aortascan (AAA Screening) and test for high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure, diabetes, vascular diagnoses. We create a treatment/ management plan with the aid of cardiologist for further interventional testing.

The graphic image below illustrates the symptoms of Cardiovascular Diseases and some of its causes.


Endocrine System Health

Whether due to diet, genetic or family history. It is imperative to evaluate the patient through early endocrine screening, via lab tests for diabetes, thyroid disease, hyper/hypoaldosteronism, adrenal and pituitary insufficiency, kidney disease, obesity and much, much more. Symptoms of depression, weight gain, fatigue, anxiety may very well be due to an endocrine disorder, find out now at Midtown East Family Medicine.